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The other day I shot a couple of videos using my iPhone, and I wanted to use iMove for iPad to edit them. So, on my Mac, I used iPhoto to import the videos from iPhone.

Next, I wanted to transfer the movies to iPad. So I connected iPad to my Mac, then opened iTunes and used the device's Apps pane to load the files into iMovie. Unfortunately, although it appears to work, it actually does not. iMovie for iPad cannot see the videos that I added.

For my second attempt, I added the videos to an iPhoto album that syncs with my iPad. After syncing, however, the videos were nowhere to be found on iPad. Huh?

Let's cut to the chase. In iTunes, in the device's Photo tab, make sure that the "include videos" option is selected. When this is off, videos in an iPhone album won't sync to the device. After correcting this, I could finally get to work.

Include Videos iTunes


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