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Home automation and the Sabbath

A few years ago I consulted with an Orthodox Jewish group about the use of home automation to keep the Sabbath. It's a viable option, but does require an usual commitment to using technology to satisfy technology-avoidance demands.

An article in The New York Times describes a lawsuit against a lock company whose solution proved to be too simplistic. The door lock they sold could be opened with a simple (albeit large) magnet.


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I found this very timely... get it timely.
Kidding aside I would like to hear more about what the orthodox communitiy and their use of automation. Is there an Orthadox community Tech blog?
Is it widly accepted? Would a local Orthadox Rabbi be willing to discuss this? I wonder about using delay buttons and different holiday modes to complete automation instead of a timer here and there. How do you find accetance of technology in the orthodox community? I have been working on this using Control 4 I call it My Virtual Companion Conceirge
My Virtual Companion Concierge Seattle.

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