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FlipBlade stand for iPad and MacBook Air

The Belkin FlipBlade is a handy, portable stand for iPad. I like it a lot, it works well and is sturdily made. The folding action is tempered by a gas piston, and the inside portion is rubberized to ensure a solid grip. It's also plenty big enough to accommodate the iPad while it's the Apple folding case. (The case I prefer, having tried a couple of others.) Overall, I'm really pleased and find it quite packable, too.

But I was perhaps most pleased to find that the FlipBlade also works well with a closed 11" MacBook Air. If you use your MacBook Air with an external display and keyboard, it might be just the thing to reduce its footprint on your desk. Or, if you just want to stash your computer out of the way when you're not using it. (I also tried it with a 13" MacBook Air, and the larger model fits too.)



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