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Detroit Fire Station Fax Hack

In "Who Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?", a grim portrait of a once-great American city, Charlie Leduff writing for the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Mother Jones describes how Detroit fire stations have solved an important problem:

[the fire house is] alerted to fires by fax from the central office. (They'd jerry-rigged a contraption where the fax pushes a door hinge, which falls on a screw wired to an actual alarm.)

Overlooking the sad need for such a primitive system, it's a Smart Home Hack to be proud of.



While not necessarily a "hack", there are several automated systems that can be integrated into the dispatch software for public safety. When a call is queued in the system for a specific district/station, they can trigger alarms, output text to a scrolling marquee, speak text, open station doors, turn on lights, etc. Very cool technology that can deliver time-saving information to responders.

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