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A new Curio

Zengobi has announced a new version of Curio that includes an impressive list of new features and changes. I've been using Curio Professional for a lot of years now and find it invaluable as an idea incubator.

A few years ago we completely remodeled our bathrooms and I used Curio to track every aspect of the project. From the very early "idea" stages where I stashed away notes and URLs, all the way to the end-game where I gathered all of the invoices and contracts for easy reference. Here's a screenshot that shows my "binder" for the project, each invoice is listed on the left along with the embedded PDF of the invoice on the right side.


I haven't tried out the new Curio 7 yet, but I look forward to giving it a spin soon. Curio isn't an inexpensive piece of software, but its depth and usefulness make it well worth considering.


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