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Screwed by Proxi

Arrghh! Griffin's handy automation utility, Proxi, was recently updated. I use Proxi on a home automation Mac to control a slideshow and to send automated tweets about goings on around the home.

The same day that Twitter changed their login method such that Proxi could no longer send a tweet, a new version of Proxi appeared. Shame on me, but I assumed the new update would fix the Twitter issue.

And indeed, it might, but what the new version also did is drop support for earlier versions of Mac OS X. I'm unable to run the latest version of the OS on this particular Mac. After installing the new version of Proxi it refused. There are three critical errors that Griffin has foisted upon its users:

1) The system requirements for Proxi are wrong on Griffin's website and in the software update notice. I pointed this out to tech support over a week ago, and they acknowledged this, but it has not been corrected.

2) The Proxi installer does not check the OS version before installing. An installer should never let you install an app that is fundamentally incompatible.

3) There is no documented method for reverting to an earlier version after you have installed an upgrade. Griffin's tech support told me to just install the old version again--they even sent me the old version because it's no longer available for download--but it won't install because the installer sees the newer version and refuses to overwrite it.

Although my system was down for a few days due to Griffin's mistakes, I have since restored functionality by switching to another automation scheduling system; XTension Light.


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