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Thanks for mentioning Elder Home Monitoring. I have designed a smart home system that is automatic using motion sensors no motion=not good all integrated with Control 4. Pressure pads are used under the favorite TV chair and the bed Also the fridge and pantry is monitored for activity (is grandpa eating well). The stove has a thermister with a reset timer currently set for 30 minutes, the elder gets reminders through announcements, Control 4 has a great announcement agent which I program for scheduled health reminders If the activity is met on schedule you get a positive announcement to reinforce the behaveior like "great you took your AM medication" The medicine cabinate or container of choice has a small GE wireless contact. Much can be controled remotly like a Neighbor alarm at the homes entry (flash porch light & start a noise maker) Also a wake up function with bedshaker, door unlock, climate security etc.. Please continue to comment on Elder Technology its a great tool for caregivers.

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