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David Price

Gordon! That was my first computer, too! I built it at a workshop held at UMass Boston (near the JFK Library). It was the first time I ever soldered stuff and used chips and stuff. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing... one of the more geekier guys helped me out alot. I don't know why, but later I purchased a Timex-Sinclair when they came onto the marketplace. (I can't remember what happened to my kit... except my Sinclair kit wasn't black, it was white.

Next computer was an Atari 800 that I bought used. Then in Februrary of 1984 I bought a used Mac 128K from a woman who worked in a computer store that sold Apple II and Mac in Cambridge, MA. I wish I had kept a record of how much money I wasted on computers over the years.

Dave P.

Gordon Meyer

Great story! The white Sinclair model was their first, the ZX-80.

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