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About four years ago, I wrote about a new five year project I was starting. A daily journal that consists of just a few sentences each day, arranged so that each page gives you a backward glance at the last five years. For example, when I write today's entry, I can see what I wrote on this day in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

It has turned out to be a fascinating and useful exercise. But my five year journal is nearly full, and I feared that I would have to try to make a new one myself, as Levenger stopped carrying them shortly after I purchased mine at a close out sale.

Fortunately, the Levenger 5-Year Journal is available again, but in a more affordable model. If you're intrigued, buy one. If you're optimistic and committed, buy enough to last the rest of your life. Hard to say how long they'll be available.

For another view on this matter, see Patrick Rhone's blog.


Steve Leveen

Thank you Gordon. I, too, love our 5-year journals. I used our old model until it was full. Our new fabric hardcover model, while less expensive, I actually like more. It feels good in the hand, the graphic design is neat and clean. It's a pleasure to look forward to each night, waiting on my nightstand. Thanks for your business and thanks for spreading the word. Patrick Rhone actually bought 10. That's planning ahead!

All best,

Steve Leveen

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