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A better Scooba battery

My four year old Scooba finally needs a new battery. It has been slowly degrading, as expected, and now has reached the point where it won't complete a full cycle before reporting that it's out of juice.

Rather than spend $70 for a new battery from iRobot, I opted for a $50 replacement Scooba battery from Amazon. A few of the reviews there indicated that it didn't fit correctly, and while it's not as snug as the original, it's just fine and charges fine when the Scooba is stored vertically.

The new battery is said to be an "extended" model, but the power specs match those of the factory battery that I replaced. That's fine with me, it's working well, and cost less. What more could I ask for?

If you have a Roomba, check out Roomba Battery Woes for power strategy information.


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