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TinyBooks Pro arrives

A very nice surprise arrived recently, there's finally an Intel version of TinyBooks, now known as TinyBooks Pro.

I think it's the best accounting software available for the Mac, and I've recommended it to a lot of people over the years. It's far from QuickBooks, and that is exactly its appeal. It does exactly what's necessary to run a small business, and nothing more. TinyBooks is quick and easy to learn, the author is responsive and studiously avoids feature creep, and the app is a real overlooked gem.

However, I have to warn you, it's not very attractive and the website is like 1999 all over again. The user interface and typography snob that lives within me can't believe that I like this program at all, quite frankly, but that should be further testament to just how good it is by all other measures. This new version moves the program closer to looking like it belongs on Mac OS X, but it's still a far cry from something with a lot of visual polish.

Much like Tinderbox, if TinyBooks were a hand tool, it would be a trusted saw handed down by your father that works better than other piece of equipment you own. Thank heavens they do still make 'em like this.