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Appearing in The Magic Cabaret

This Wednesday, December 16, 2009, I'll be performing at Chicago's Magic Cabaret. Get yourself a ticket and come see the show! Here's the scoop about this week's show:

Greetings, Magic Fans! On December 16 we're doing a special edition of The Magic Cabaret! PT Murphy will be out of town, so David Parr has invited TWO fab guest performers to join him for this Wednesday's show: Gordon Meyer and Joe Diamond!

Gordon lives a Lamont Cranstonesque dual life. By day, Gordon explains the workings of computer software to the public. By night, he works feats of legerdemain that cannot be explained! Gordon is one of the warmest, friendliest, tallest magicians we've ever met -- AND he bears an uncanny resemblance to the Magic Cabaret mascot, Mr. Cuddles -- so we're sure you'll enjoy meeting him as much as we enjoy having him around!

Joe might not have a secret identity, but he makes a living by defying the boundaries between what we assume can and can't be done. Can thoughts be perceived? Can distant events be sensed? Is your mind an open book? When you see Joe in action, you may feel compelled to reconsider your answers to those questions! ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance -- you'll be too busy having fun to wonder what to call it, so let's just call it MIND MAGIC!

All this, and a bit of holiday magic from David Parr!


Dave P.

Gordon -- I know I asked before... any chance of having someone video your performance? Who knows, perhaps you're the next YouTube star!

Dave P.

Rob Shadbolt


How did the show go?
I agree with Dave P about getting video the last one was GREAT!

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