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On Twitter, cupcakes, and automation

A London bakery, Albion Cafe, is using Twitter to inform customers when new baked goods are fresh from the oven. It's not an unusual story from the perspective of yet another business jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, but it does have two intriguing twists.

Firstly, the use of a Twitter as an automated, distributed notification system for status events continues to grow. It has been over year since I integrated Twitter into my home automation system and I've grown to really rely on it, which I'll write about again sometime. See Twittering Your Home for the scoop so far.

Secondly, the bakery project is interesting because they've created a dedicated Twitter appliance. It's a WiFi-enabled box that allows a baker to easily send pre-defined tweets as goods become ready for customers. A clever idea that would make it much easier to integrate Twitter even more deeply into daily routines. For details about their implementation see Baker Tweet.


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