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Managing the paperless office

Two developments in the area of paperless offices caught my eye recently. The first is Unclutterer's Six tips for going paperless. I was pleased to see that they concur with my recommendation of the ScanSnap scanner. And I absolutely agree with the idea of only scanning paper that matters. I threw away months of old utility bills when I converted to paperless and today I don't scan them at all. My checkbook provides enough of a payment history for me, and if I ever needed to review past usage (which I have yet to really need) I could do so at the provider's website.

The related item of interest is the news that Mariner Software has acquired the popular ReceiptWallet and will release it as Mariner Paperless. You'll definitely need a filing solution for your scans, so this is worth a peek if you're a Mac user.


Greg Smith

I recommend and use Neat Receipts. I like the portable scanner more than the larger scanner like the ScanScap.

Stefan Keydel


You've written about using DevonThink Pro to file your scans; is Mariner Paperless something you might use in addition to DTPro, or is it an alternative?


Gordon Meyer

I'd give Paperless a try, but I haven't seen it myself. I'm thinking it might be a lower cost alternative, though.

David Price

I have Paperless (I had Receipt Wallet before that) and I can't get it to extract data from receipts like the NeatWorks software does. Any suggestions from other Paperless users?

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