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Indigo 4 adds iPhone control of your home

Indigo, the Mac-based home automation program, officially reached v4.0 this week and has added support for iPhone, too. The Indigo Touch application is a native iPhone app that allows you to control your home remotely. If you're not an Indigo user, but you have an iPhone, Indigo Touch is still a worthwhile download because it can connect to a "demo house" that's fun to play with and wow your friends. The program looks and behaves exactly as iPhone users will expect.

The summary at Macworld is a good place to start your exploration.

UPDATE: Perceptive Automation also has a great screencast that's worth watching. Matt left this in the comments on this post, but it's too good to be possibly overlooked. Thanks, Matt.


Matt Bendiksen

We also put together a screencast video to demo the iPhone application (Indigo Touch). You can watch it at the top of this page:

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