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Paperless Home Office and NeatDesk document scanner


Nicholas Rowe

This sounds really really cool. I've been thinking about writing something in ruby to control my Insteon devices. Insteon is controllable through a HTTP API (and I understand it). So it would really be a matter of using Hpricot to parse out the response then converting that response to objects, right?

I hope that Fernand has broken his code out so that the home automation part is a gem with a rails app on top of it. If that's the case, I can combine his code with my media center library (for XBMC) and have dimming lights when a movie starts with some ease.


-Nicholas Rowe


Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your post about Rhouse! The gem is out there on github (git:// and the presentation slides are on slideshare ( The code is still work in progress but should be enough to get started...


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