iPhone-based home automation gets fancier
Good news! INSTEON window sensor coming soon

iPhone as a baby or home monitor

CodeGoo's iPhone application Baby Monitor is inexpensive and provides a way to monitor a room for sound, such as a baby's nursery. When the application detects noise, it silently dials the number you specify and allows whoever listens to monitor the room. It will also trigger if the iPhone is picked up. As the developer suggests, it can be used to monitor just about anything.

If you're looking for baby or child-related iPhone apps, see Great iPhone applications for Parents.


Sureja Zoe

These baby monitor apps for the iPhone are one of the best inventions ever! We had some great evenings at our neighbors, in the restaurant near by while our toddler was sleeping safely. The best app - we think - is from www.babyphoneweb.com and its named BabyPhone Deluxe. It has more features and an additional baby recorder that records any sound over a certain level.

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