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hi i downloaded the zapper app think it would be the coolest thing ever i cant get it to work for ipod touch i didnt get the hostname thing please write back

Thomas Herzog


this being the first version I focused mainly on functionality and tested the operation of the tool. Expect a new optimized GUI layout soon.

The "hostname" setting can be changed in the "Settings" app of your iPhone/iPod touch.

Navigate to "Settings", then to "Zapper", and enter the hostname of your VDR, if the iPhone cannot resolve the hostname, you can also directly enter the IP.

Note: You need to allow SVDRP connects on your VDR box for the iPhone's IP!

Ryan Overton

How about some extended settings to work with other propriatary embedded linux dvr's? Like, port number, etc etc


wondered whether there was a difficulty porting this to other touch-able devices... I own an HTC diamond, and would love to be able to test this app on it. If you want me to test anything, just ask. I am a bit noob in programming things, but if this could help... I d love this app to be a platform for all archs and maybe for all kinds of connections (bluetooth, wifi, irda) though this seems out of topic.

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