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iPhone and iPod touch for Home Automation with INSTEON

The SmartLinc is a very intriguing controller for do-it-yourself home automators. It's a lot like a standard controller, but connects to your home network so you can send it commands from over the web.

NetLincPd.jpgAnd the latest version has a web-interface that's optimized for Safari on iPhone and iPod touch. In fact, you can even get a free iPod touch when you buy an INSTEON starter kit that includes a SmartLinc. (Limited time offer, as noted on this page.)

Now, a couple of words about the SmartLinc. First, I haven't tried one. (But I'd like to soon.) Secondly, it's a standalone controller so you don't need a computer connected to it. You set up timers and so on using its web interface, then leave it alone (plugged-in, course) to just do its thing. This is an attractive alternative for people who don't want to dedicate an always-on computer to running their house. Finally, it doesn't work with X10-based modules, it only works with INSTEON. Again, this can be an advantage for people who don't have a slew of ancient X10 boxes already installed.

Update: August 13, 2008. The NetLinc has been renamed to "SmartLinc" so I've updated this post.


Scott Newman

Looks awesome! Am I right in assuming it's a Wifi-enabled web server built into an Insteon module?

If so, this could open up awesome opportunities for home hackers who don't know the in-and-outs of USB programming. Let's hope they provide a developer's API, lest we have to sniff the HTTP requests/responses from the device.


its not WiFi enabled exactly, it plugs into your router via a network cable. If your router has wifi you can access it via wifi or any place on the internet for that matter.

Alias Node

Actually, according to the manual, it does support sending X10 signals manually via the web interface, but it doesn't seem to allow X10 devices to be part of scene setups.

Helmut Paffrath

Hi I would need to set-up my Mac with smartlinc. can someone help me.
Thanks, Helmut

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