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Delivery Room Notifications

Over the years that I've been involved with "do it yourself" home automation, I've noticed a few traits that seem to be quite common among those of use who are drawn to this hobby. One of which is a keen interest in notification systems.

By "notification systems" I mean methods by which your smart home tells you about events that occur in and around your home. Sending email or pager messages (back in the day) are popular methods, as are text-to-speech or turning on lights or alarms. And I'm always on the look out for new communication methods that be adapted. See my article Twittering Your Home for an example.

I don't know if Macworld's Dan Frakes has an automated home, but he definitely seems like a kindred spirit. His article A Mac Geek's Take on Birth Announcements details how he knit together a system that would allow him to instantly, and easily, send a birth announcement to friends and family—right from the delivery room.

Bravo, Dan, and congratulations.


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