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Zippi-ty Cool Desk Fan

As part of my ongoing quest for efficient and effective heating and cooling, I want to tell you about about the Vornado Zippi desk fan.

Even if you have air conditioning, a desk fan makes sense because circulating air means you can lower the thermostat and save some energy. The amount of breeze generated by the Zippi is perfect for aiming right at your work area, and its small size and super-quiet motor mean you can keep it nearby without disturbing your work. In fact, this is the only desk fan I've found where I can keep it turned on, on the high setting, even while on the phone. Yes, it's that quiet. And its soft blades means you fingers are safe, too.

If you're looking for a cool addition to your home office, check it out. I found the best prices and color choices at Amazon but retailers like Frys carry it too.