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March 24, 2008


Don M

A great non-techie way to do it is to just edit your existing post, make a copy of the original image and rename it and re-add it to your post. Then take the other image which was the hotlinked on with the original filename and make THAT into something else. I've done that a few times and it works simply - especially for someone on a shared account that might not have htaccess available or even know what it is.


Gordon Meyer

Thanks for posting your technique, Don. That would have been far easier, but I didn't want to mess up other places where the article appears. Nor, track down everywhere it might be now (or in the future.) But if that's not an issue, your method would work great. Thanks again.


My images get stolen a lot. My trick is to substitute the image (via a similar rewrite) with a massive 8000-pixel-square transparent image. Their visitors see nothing, but it almost always completely busts the offender's layout.


I thought I was the only one who does this kind of stuff. For some reason, people hotlink to my images in MySpace comments. I have a really big image of an outhouse that I usually swap in when they do that. (Renaming the real image and changing the link.) Time consuming, yes, but fun to see the big outhouse cause a bit of layout havoc.


Good to see there's a way of overcoming this problem - I've seen it happen to a couple of friends of mine and will point them to this to see how they can get revenge!

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