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Book Review: Crooked Little Vein

Truth be told, I read quite a few books, but hardly any novels. But there was something about Crooked Little Vein that got me to buy it. Admittedly, it might have been the cover that first caught my eye, but the synopsis is probably what drove my purchase decision. I'm glad it did, because the book's protagonist is a character who is very hard to forget.

A down-and-out private detective who is cursed with the unique ability to attract the lowest of low-life, he's a "shit magnet" whose latest client is the US Government. He's hired to help recover the only copy of a "secret constitution," drafted by the Founding Fathers for use only in an extreme culture emergency, which was traded away to a prostitute by a former president.

The book is a quick read, and nearly perfect for on-flight entertainment. The book is filled with the seedy themes and "adult situations," and I think it's the modern descendent of hard-boiled crime fiction from the 30s. If you're the sensitive-type or easily shocked then steer clear.


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