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Book Review: Stories to Solve

Stories to Solve is generally sold as a young reader's book, and appropriately so, especially if you want a book that you and the youngster can both enjoy. The premise of the book is that each short story (very short, a page or two at most) presents a mystery wherein all the clues have been given in the text, or can be surmised using basic logic.

storiestosolve.jpgThere are 14 stories in all, and while you might have heard of one or two of them, they're drawn from worldwide sources, so there's almost certain to be something new for you to discover. For young readers, I think most of them will be completely new. The illustrations are charming, and sometimes the solutions are illustrated in a way that really adds to the presentation. However, the solutions are given immediately following the story, so you'll have to exercise some restraint to not steal a peek before you've solved it yourself.

This book will surely stimulate some discussion if you read it with someone else, but it's fine for an adult, solo reader too. It's perfect for a short flight, or to keep in your bag or car to pass a few minutes that might otherwise be spent frivolously. A fun and educational bargain, what more could you ask?


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