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R.I.P. Joybubbles

This morning I learned, via Dave Farber's IP list, that Joybubbles passed away on August 8, 2007. Born Joe Engressia, and blind since birth, Joybubbles discovered that his perfect-pitch whistling allowed him to control telephone switching systems, thus giving birth to the era of "phone phreaking." Although I never met Joybubbles, I did encounter many legendary stories, and much respect for him, during my own time in the Computer Underground. An eccentric and unique man that made a lasting countercultural contribution. You can read his NYT obituary for more fascinating details.


Steven Gibb


For those of you who would like to honor Joybubbles on a phone memorial. Please call the following number on Sunday September 16, 2007 at 2:00 pm Central

Time: 2:00 pm central (3:00 eastern, 1:00 Mountain, 12:00 Pacific
Number: 218.486.1300
Bridge: 265996



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