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Martha on home automation

At the Science Foo Camp, Martha Stewart observed the following, in regards to automated homes:

Martha Stewart fills a big room speaking on the Paperless Home. "I may not look like it," she says, "but I'm the typical homemaker. I have a dog, I have a daughter, I have a garden, I have a farm, and I do--or I did it all myself." And as a homemaker, she's convinced homes need to become computerized. Not too computerized, of course -- not like those crazy folks at MIT who want to have refrigerators that talk and coffee makers that do the same thing every day. Stewart wants to preserve traditions too. So she's going to build tools to organize the ultra-tedious tasks of life. She's very bright, hard-headed, and engaging. "So exhausting," says one woman upon the session's conclusion. "We pay people to do that sort of work."

I agree with her, unnecessarily making things "talk to each other" isn't productive. It's having your house take care of the tedious things automatically that make it "smart."

Thanks to Daring Fireball for the link.


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