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iPhone Earphone Solution

There has been some angst over the iPhone's recessed headphone jack because, it is said, it prevents you from using regular headphones with the device. Some people have even gone so far as to surgically alter their headphones, but the more sane approach is to buy a butt-ugly, but functional, Belkin adapter or wait for the aesthetically-pleasing, but not-yet-available, Griffin version.

However, I say to you, stop! With the cacophony over this issue, I felt certain that I would have to buy one of the aforementioned adapters. I even had the Belkin model in-hand at an Apple Store, ready to buy, until my inner design snob talked me out of bringing such an offensive hunk of plastic into my home.

The inspiration struck. I dug out my Griffin SmartShare dual-jack splitter; I purchased this a while ago for use with an iPod. It works well. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the iPhone. If you have one, don't bother trying it.

But there is something you should try instead. Try the headphones you already own. As it turns out, to my surprise, my Etymotic Research 6i earphones work with the iPhone. It's not a super tight fit, but its perfectly functional, and they sound great. Hurrah! No adapters or cutting required. It seems that the jack isn't out of reach of all headphones, just some headphones.

Personally, the only time I ever plan to use these earphones with the iPhone anyway is on board an airplane. Otherwise, they don't make sense. The iPhone is, after all, a phone! If a call comes in and you're using regular earphones, how will you answer it? It will be very awkward to do so--that's why the earphone with microphone--which come free with the iPhone is really the more usable solution. But, see me in the air, and I'll be in audio-bliss with my 6i's.



I was more than a little surprised to discover that the Motorola HT820 Headphones do not work with the iPhone. Well, OK. I was completely F-ing shocked. In fact, none of Apple's products support the A2DP profile of BlueTooth. How the hell did that happen???!!! The HT820 headphones were absolutely made for the iPhone.

I want a Nano iPhone! Please, Apple.



Hmmm, I have the Motorola HT820 headphones and they work fine - unless the poster is talking about music which I haven't tried with them. In fact, I don't have to constantly re-pair them with the phone like my husband has to do with the set he has. I've already used them several times to make phonecalls.


you can attach the er6i earphones to the stock apple iphone cord with microphone and have the best of the worlds. you can probably easily do this yourself or pay 40$ for the company ultimate buds to do it for you.


I have a question I wonder why my HT820 does not forward or backward the song on my ipod. Does anybody have any idea why


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