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Well, this was a disappointing discovery. The corporate wisenheimers at EB Games (aka Game Stop) have decided that suckering customers to come into their stores is a good policy. It all begins with the prominent display of Nintendo Wii system boxes in the window, beneath a big "In Stock" sign. The Wii is very hard to find right now, so this display is sure to catch the eye of desirous gaming geeks, such as myself.

Unfortunately, as you'll discover once you're in the store, they're empty boxes. The "In Stock" sign deceptively refers to the Playstation 3 and XBox 360, which are also displayed in the window. According to the clerk, this empty box ploy is a new mandate from corporate EB. "So people know we have the Wii." Um, except, they don't actually have the Wii. Just like everyone else doesn't have one.

It turns out this store did have a scarce black Nintendo DS, which I've been looking for, but I was too pissed at their deceptive Wii bait to even consider them giving my business. Perhaps, ever.



Unfortunately, you must have gone into a store whose store manager was either lazy or stupid. Any store manager who knows his job would have known that the 'In Stock' sign should go on either the Wii boxes or the PS3 boxes, whichever were IN STOCK at the time. Keeping the 'In Stock' sign on the Wii boxes when they ran out was just lazy. And don't let your opinion of a company be driven by what happens in one store. We have over 4800 other stores, and the majority of them have managers and employees who care.

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