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Mad about MAD digital edition

Several years ago, Brøderbund came out with a digital collection of MAD magazine that, while packed with previously unreleased goodies, was barely usable. Its custom file format and interface was awkward at best, and it only worked on Windows computers. And, par for the time it was published, it came on a handful of CDs, which required the constant switching of discs while using it.

How nice that a new digital compilation--Absolutely Mad: 50+ Years--eschews these mistakes. This time around all the magazines are in PDF format on a single DVD. (But apparently not at a high resolution, according to the reviews. ) This is fantastic news if you, like me, grew up with MAD and now want to reminisce and catch up with their newer issues. (The disc includes up through 2005.) More, later, when I've had a chance to peruse the collection.

Maybe I'll dig up my very first rejection letter, received at about age 9, when I submitted a story to MAD. The very kind editor included an encouraging note, which I very much appreciated, and got to show off to all my friends.

Update: I bought the DVD and I cannot recommend it to anyone. The PDFs are of very low quality (resolution) and are very hard to read onscreen. Even worse than the reviewer I linked to above said. What a sad, sad disappointment and wasted opportunity.


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