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Notes on heyu

The nifty, free Unix application 'heyu' lets you easily send X10 commands from the command-lne. It's slick, quick, and fills a very specific need for home automators. I've used it a bit on Mac OS X, and always keep a copy handy for just the right job. I don't use too often, however, but I try to keep an eye on the heyu users discussion group on Yahoo.

Charles Sullivan's message, late last month, said that support for the W800RF32 is coming soon. That's great news, the W800 is a very handy wireless receiver that lets you use security devices and remote controls. You can learn more about the W800, and other ways of using it, in "Hack #78: Know When Your Doors and Windows Are Open" in Smart Home Hacks.

Also, Kris Beazley recently described a concise heyu project for controlling lawn sprinklers. Just the sort of task that you can easily run in the background, without the overhead of a full-blown home automation package. For more on sprinkler control, see the hacks in Chapter 5 of Smart Home Hacks.


nate Pomeroy

Dang it ,G.! How many more times will you tempt me into buying _Smart_Home_Hacks_! The sprinkler control itself is worth a mint to me, at least.

Juan C. Mendez

Heyu is a really nifty package. For those of you who use Gentoo, I put together an ebuild, that makes installation a breeze (the Gentoo way): just

emerge heyu

The ebuild can be found in

Charles Sullivan

Hello Gordon,
Since you keep abreast of news about Heyu posted to the heyu_users discussion group you already know this, but for the benefit of your readers, Heyu support for the W800RF32A RF receiver is now a reality. (It also supports the RFXCOM and X-10 MR26A RF receivers.) And now that the list of feature requests and minor bugs has been exhausted, Heyu has finally emerged from the (seemingly endless) stream of betas and has been released as Heyu version 2.0.0

Charles Sullivan

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