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Linksys Lifesaver

I recently purchased a Linksys WET54G v3 Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge in order to connect my LaserWriter to the home wireless network. I selected this model because of its (relatively) low price, and the promise that it is fully-configurable via a web browser interface. In other words, you don't have to use Windows to set it up.

Unfortunately, my setup experience was less than smooth. It was quite bad, in fact, and I nearly returned the bridge for a refund. The issue was that the bridge's configuration application would not respond via the web interface, nor could the Windows-only setup application find the bridge on the network. Various permutations of resetting, trying different connections, and general tech voodoo didn't help at all.

I even gritted my teeth and called Linksys technical support. Everyone I spoke with was very polite, and English-speaking (and female), but after being transferred and put on hold continuously for 40 minutes, with no actual troubleshooting in sight, I gave up in exasperation.

Then, after some creative Googling, I found this page from Ross Koning. It completely solved the problems I was having. Thank you, Ross! I hope by writing about it here I can further strengthen its Google ranking and help out some other suffering Linksys WET54G Ethernet Bridge customer. If only Linksys would have included this information in their manual!

Mac users should note, however, that this bridge won't pass AppleTalk packets. That sucks, but my LaserWriter speaks plain old IP, so it's not a showstopper for me. Other than an Airport Basestation, I'm not sure that anything bridges AppleTalk these days. If you know of such a device, please leave a comment for others to learn from. Thanks.


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