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Thermostats and electric fireplaces

A while back I wrote about how a new wireless thermostat has really improved the comfort (both heating and cooling) in my loft. I noticed today that Smarthome has a sale on the thermostat, so read my original message, and if you're interested in giving it a try you can save 30 dollars if you act fast.

Replacing a thermostat is really quite easy, and to make it even simpler there's a brief photo-tutorial that walks you through the process. It applies to any type of thermostat you might buy, so its worth a look no matter which direction you go.

Finally, I want to point out a nice free-standing electric fireplace. Some good friends of mine have two of these units, and they're quite pleased with the results. (They are available in black and grey, and are also currently on sale.) I can attest to how well they work, too, having spent a good chunk of time enjoying their warmth on a not-so-sunny sun porch. As for products that I actually live with, my wall-mounted convection heaters are doing just fine so far.


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