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I want you to wake me

Do you ever wish that you had a hotel-style wake up call service for when you're at home? If so, try out McDonald's new McWakeUp promotion. In exchange for listening to a brief ad when you schedule your wake up call, McDonald's will ring your phone the next morning at the time you specify.

I tried it out this morning with mixed success. Let's start with scheduling the call. It's a very easy process and the voice talent they're using is engaging and appropriately humorous. You get to pick the recorded message that's played to wake you up, my choices included a variety of sports figures, celebrities, Ronald McDonald, and the never-say-die rock band Cheap Trick. I selected the latter, Rick Nielsen is co-owner of the excellent Piece restaurant, which is nearby, so it was an easy choice.

This morning, the call came at exactly the time I specified. However, I didn't get to hear my message because the call originates from a number without Caller ID, and my phone is set to screen those calls. I got the screening request, but the wake-up server disconnected before I could allow it through to my number. Darnit.

If you want to try it out, dial 1-888-GO-McWAKEUP. I think that's a Chicago-centric number (the celebrities were very much local favorites) but I imagine it will ring any phone that you provide.


Aaaron Cederberg

it is localized to chicago and northern indiana numbers

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