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Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry (located in the last remaining building of The White City) is hosting an exhibit on DaVinci's inventions. Their ads for the exhibit feature various "modern inventions" including an automated lawn mower.

Now I wouldn't claim that Smart Home Hacks is up there with the famed notebooks, but do let me point out that this fanciful ad may have been inspired by Hack #63 - Mow the Lawn, contributed to the book by Doug Smith. And, in case you're wondering, Doug's version actually does work.

The museum's exhibit, by the way, is quite neat. They've built working models of several DaVinci inventions, right out of his notebooks, and many of them are hands-on so you can appreciate how the work. You'll want to try to go outside of school hours so you don't have to fight too many young hands for your turn at the wheel, lever, or pulley.


Doug Smith

Gordon, I finally got around to digging up some old video of my mower working. I posted it on my blog along with some additional write-up at http://smithsrus.com/lazy-lawn-mowing/

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