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Mystic Inn: A Modern Tapper?

I don't have as much time to play video games as I'd like (who does?) so when I do play, I tend to gravitate towards engaging games that call upon the skills that I honed during my youth. (Some might call this evidence of a misspent youth, but I disagree.)

Um, in other words, I'm a sucker for any game that is vaguely "retro" in its approach, game play, or style.

Big Fish's new Mystic Inn caught my eye because it seemed like it was reminiscent of the arcade game Tapper. That was one of my favorites, and I also really enjoyed the ColecoVision version, too.

I was pleased to find that I was right about Mystic Inn. It has much of the same qualities as Tapper, but it is updated in many fun and clever ways. In addition to serving drinks you have to seat customers, deal with "to go" orders, and handle an ever increasing menu. Unlike Tapper, you don't have to pick up the empties, but there is still a critical time element involved; your customers won't wait forever.

One thing I had to get used to is that all the customers are doll-like wizards (inexplicable, really) and boy are they thirsty. Seriously, these witches go through a tray of sparkly purple potions like Vegas bachelorettes shooting JägerBombs.

The trial period is plenty long to decide if the game has staying power for you, so give it a whirl. If you have the time, of course. Oops, I gotta go. Table 3 needs another round...



i love the game too!The pictures and music are beautiful and mystic.
i found it more and more difficult when approaching the final levels.
So many wizards crowding in the inn.There are hardly empty tables,and they have to wait for such a long time and give up angrily in the end.So you can't earn enough score...
By the way,i wonder how far you have gone in this cute game?


I have made it to level 50 and its driving me nuts--- I get there and i am about 500 points short every time. Does anyone have the strategy to help me beat it or any ideas to try?




wish i could help you steph but i've been stuck on 22 for 3 days i get soo close then nada


Hi everyone! Does anyone have any tips on how to reach expert score on the last level? I have reached 106.000 point top and you need 123.000 Help!


I too am stuck ... has anyone found any hint pages?



I too am stuck. I cannot make my magic worker work for me. Any help?


I got past the last level by using my double (or is it triple?) magic spell. I ended up with over 100,000 points. I was never sure how to use it before that point, but was so frustrated getting just under the amount I needed, I tried it in the middle of chaos and managed to make my goal.

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