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If you're in Chicago and longing for a fun night out, consider seeing Urinetown: The Musical. It's playing at the Mercury Theatre and the show is not only well-staged, it's really quite fun. The coziness of the Mercury Theatre really pulls you into the story and it's clear that the cast is enjoying themselves, which makes for an infectious spirit. I'm not really that fond of musicals, to be honest, but this one worked well for me. As a bonus, because it's playing in the Lakeview neighborhood and not downtown, the ticket prices are about half the cost you'd expect, parking is either free or very reasonable, and the nearby restaurants are busy but not ridiculously packed with patrons. Fun, easy, and fairly priced. What more could you ask for?



"What more could you ask for?"

Some thing closer to home.

I have to admit that a play title Urinetown isn't likely to raise my interest much past the title. I'll have to go hunt down some reviews and see what it is about.


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