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Crowd Goes Wild at Barbie Live

I was very amused by Emily Nunn's review of the Barbie Live in Fairytopia stage show, wherein she writes that the charming audience of young girls is the best part of the show:

"On opening night, the place was packed with prepubescent fairies wearing clip-on wings and a dazzling array of inventive hair ornamentation, many of whom waved their $12 flashlight fairy wands during the songs as if they were at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, and some of whom shared their gummi bears with absolute strangers, shrieked entertainingly at surprising intervals and ran down the aisles to do the twist, for some reason, during intermission -- all things you surely never see at the Goodman Theatre."

"Their joie de vivre was matched only by their good manners, which is to say: They went to the ladies room before the curtain, as instructed, rather than waiting until we were all halfway through the first act and causing a commotion. God forbid."


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