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Levenger, one of my favorite stores, came out with a Five Year Journal quite a while ago and it really caught my attention. It's a page-per-day journal that allows you to see the same day across a five year span. In other words, there's room enough to write 2-3 sentences per year, and that's it, but you can easily glance up the page and see exactly what you wrote on the same day in the past.

I found it appealing because I'm not really a journaler (yes, I know that's not a word), but I am a minimalist, and the challenge of summing up an entire day in so little room seemed like a fun writing challenge. Additionally, it seemed perfect for obtaining perspective on life's progress over the years. And, I must add, not having to face a blank page, but just a few empty lines, seemed like less work than a traditional journal.

But, I didn't much like the price of the journal so I never ordered one. I did try my hand at the same thing using software, even going so far as to write an application that borrowed the same structure as the Levenger journal, but after about six months I lost interest and stopped updating it. One reason is that writing the entry using a computer, after an entire day of other writing using a computer, didn't hold much appeal. Another factor is that I hadn't yet put into place a method of remembering to complete regularly occurring, yet flexible, tasks.

About two months ago I was at the Levenger store in Marshall Field's and found that the Five Year Journals are on sale. I also got to see first-hand the quality of the binding and fine paper. I couldn't resist, I bought one, and so far I've been good about keeping it updated. There's something about sitting down for a few minutes at the end of the day, composing a sentence or two in my mind, then writing it down longhand that appeals to me; something I never felt with my faux computer-based version.



Interesting idea. And it might be adapted to blogs. It would be interesting to view a blog by day and see the blog entries for that day over the years that the blog has been maintained. There would need to be a fudge factor since most bloggers do not manage to blog every day. A plus/minus factor of 1 or 3 days. That might be kind of cool.


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