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Smart Bathroom Hacks

Some people view home automation as silly, or not worth the effort. I never to try to argue otherwise, I think it's something that either appeals to you, or it doesn't, and that's just fine. Clearly, it appeals to me. However, occasionally I come across a story that moves me, temporarily, into the "I don't get it" camp. Here' an example: For workaholics, one less refuge from a home office.

A shower that automatically turns itself off when the phone rings? A touch-screen computer mounted within reach of the toliet? Puhlease.

Although, the part about the BlackBerry repair shop that gets about 100 dead crackberries a day to fix, about 10% of which have been dunked, is quite amusing.



A shower that turns off when the phone rings?? The first time I have to talk to someone on the phone so that I can finish my shower, whoever it is that is on the other end of the line best not be too sensitive to strong language. Seriously. If you're going to get me out of the shower to answer the phone, there better be blood flowing and further threat of death to someone very close to me.

The other one that gets me is people who talk on the phone in the bathroom. I mean, really. I've heard of maximizing your time but that's really not cool.

"Hello, John?"
"Listen, I wanted to, uunnnghhh, talk to you about, uunngh, those numbers."
"Are you OK?? You're grunting."
"Yeah, I'm in the bathroom. So, about those numbers."


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