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J.Jill. Better. Shopping. Ahead.

One month ago I vented some frustration over a bad shopping experience I had at J.Jill's online store. You can read about it here, but the short story is that due to some technical mistakes and some UI choices that weren't user-centric, I was unable to use the store under any browser except the archaic IE 5.

Today I received an email from a VP at the company, explaining that my criticism was noted and the problems addressed. I was surprised to get this message, and pleased that not only is J.Jill obviously monitoring the web for feedback, they're willing to respond even when criticism is especially harsh. Good show, J.Jill. I've updated the original post, and I'll add here that the clothing I did finally manage to order arrived quickly, and is quite nice.

Credit where credit is due. Thanks for reading.


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