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Indigo's INSTEON Goes Gold

I've written previously about my happiness at finally being able to use INSTEON home automation equipment with the Mac, and today the folks at Perceptive Automation have promoted their support in Indigo 1.8 from beta to GM.

INSTEON is the next generation of automation protocols; it allows you to control lighting in your home similar to X10, but with updated technology and better reliability. For example, it uses a dual-mesh network (both wireless and powerline-based) to link devices together, and it offers "2-way" communication that ensures your commands are received and acted upon.

The number of INSTEON devices keeps growing, including the new lower-cost ICON modules from Smarthome, so now is as good as time as any to give it a look. And as far as I can tell, when it comes to using these new gadgets with your Mac, Indigo is going to be the software of choice for quite some time.


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