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Digital TV: Clarified at last

Shopping for a digital television is not my idea of fun. All the acronyms, "standards", and decisions are just plain overwhelming and the whole arena is a confusing mess. (However, it is humbling, because it reminds me how others must feel when shopping for a computer.)

Thankfully, TidBITS publishing has just released a new electronic book on the subject: Take Control of Digital TV by Clark Humphrey. Like all the books in the Take Control series, it's written in plain English and is genuinely helpful. It covers the technology itself (and why you should, or shouldn't, care), how to pick the right-sized TV for your room, and how to make sense of the obtuse instructions in the set-up and configuration manuals you'll face after you've made your purchase. After reading the 72 page book I'm feeling very much at ease, and when's the last time you said that about a technical reference? Check out the free excerpt at the site for a taste of your own.


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