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Howto: Prematurely age fabric and linens

I recently obtained a fabulous new piece of mystery entertainment, The Dark Museum, by master strange-exhibit artist Doug Higley.

I wanted to wrap each artifact in cloth for safekeeping and presentation, but with props like this, any old swath won't do. After a little searching, I found some appropriate textile samples, but of course each was brand new I felt they'd look better if they were appropriately aged and stained, so after a little searching on the web, I found some advice on how to make the cloth go from new to ancient in just a few easy steps.

The techniques I used were an amalgam of what I found, so I've put together a one-page sheet with details and photos. (I was itching to use Comic Life, and this provided a good excuse.) Click the thumbnail image below to download a PDF (3.5MB).



Mimi F

Thank you Gordon, for your aging fabric tips. I had to make some "faux" aged maritime flags for an event, and in addition
to your techniques I actually sanded the seams to give them the wind whipped look. The funny thing is, that fabric you have
in your demo is from a sheet set I actually own, and have owned, for about 20 years. The reason I still have them 1) paisley prints
never go out of style and 2) they refuse to wear out, and have barely faded. Now I have the means to justify a new set!

Mimi F.
Textile Designer
SF Bay Area

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