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Rear View Shuffle

While driving to work this morning, listening to my new iPod Shuffle, I was struck with a sudden bit of inspiration. You see, I don't often use my regular iPod in my car because I'm bothered by the tangle of wire for the cassette adapter, and the iPod sliding around or taking up room on the center console.

At first, the Shuffle wasn't much better. Then, while waiting for a green light, I realized that the shuffle's lanyard provided a great solution. I draped it over the rear view mirror, perfectly suspending the light-as-air player while the wire leading the cassette adapter gracefully hung down and, most importantly, out of the way.


The controls are easy to reach, and the Shuffle is so small that you barely notice that it's there. Just snap your Shuffle out of the lanyard and leave the string behind when you get to your destination. Try it out, you might dig it. Perhaps in the future a white lanyard hanging from a rear view mirror will be another symbol of citizenship in iPod Nation.


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