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Smart Home Hacks in the SJ Merc

Book signing at DigitalGuru

If you'd like to drop by and talk about Smart Home Hacks, come to Digital Guru, the excellent technical bookstore in Sunnyvale, California, on Wednesday, December 15th. I'll be there from 12:30PM to 1:30PM, and you'll be able to purchase a copy, if you're so kindly inclined, at 40% off the cover price. (And DigitalGuru is hosting a "stock up sale" until the end of the month, on O'Reilly and partner's titles, so it's a good time to load up on other techie books, too.)



I use only a PC. Is your book or your ideas useful for one accustomed to only a PC!


Gordon Meyer

Smart Home Hacks covers Windows, Mac, and to a lesser degree, Linux systems. For a more detailed overview of the contents, and some samples, see the O'Reilly catalog at: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/smarthomehks/

Many of the techniques described in the book don't require a computer at all, by the way. But one important point to keep in mind about home automation is that it's about 80% technique -- the details of how to implement it using a specific platform or application are pretty easy to translate from one system to another, so even if a particular technique is described using software that you don't have it's usually not to much trouble to re-implement it. Besides, in most cases, you'll want to do that anyway so you can customize it for your own particular desires.


08 Dec 04

...what ibook model did you use?

do you prefer ibook over powerbook?


Gordon Meyer

I use a 2nd-generation iBook, KeyLime in color. For the purposes of home automation, it works well because of the battery back-up and silent operation.

Gordon Meyer

Thanks to everyone for coming to the book signing. It was a treat to meet you all, and I loved your questions and ideas. Can't wait to see what ya'll do to make your own homes smart.

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