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CF lights and home automation

Learn about home automation at NCMUG

Is your appointment calendar empty the night of March 15, 2005? (It's a Tuesday.) If so, join me in Rohnert Park, California for the monthly meeting of the North Coast Mac Users Group. I'll be speaking about home automation on Mac OS X, teaching some of the best techniques from Smart Home Hacks, and just generally answering your home automation questions.

You don't have to be a member of NCMUG to attend, though it will cost you all of $5 if you choose not to join at the door. Even if you can't attend, it's well worth visiting the impressive NCMUG web site for a peek at the Macintosh community at its finest.



This is really cool stuff. I have been curious about this since a recent Wired article. I am very interested in learning more. I'll get your book, of course. I live on the east coast. Do you recommend me planning a trip to attend your seminar? Or is the book sufficient?

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