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Announcing "Smart Home Hacks"

I'm tickled pink to announce that my new book Smart Home Hacks is now available for pre-ordering. This book came about, thanks to O'Reilly maven Rael Dornfest, after my presentation on home automation last October.

I know it sounds a bit cliche, but the book really does include "something for everyone." If you haven't a clue about home automation you'll learn the basics of how it works, what equipment to buy, and how to select the software you need to make your home "smart." If you're already into home automation, you'll dig learning about tricks and techiques contributed by 24 of your fellow enthusiasts. And like all the books in the hacks series, that's the sweet spot--gathering the collective wisdom and best ideas of real-world practicioners.

So I've been a little quiet on the blog front lately, and now you know why. It's been a great experience pulling this book together, but as much fun as it was, it's even better to be nearly finished. I'm looking forward to hearing what ya'll think once it hits the shelves in late-October or early-November.