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Waiting for R.A.W.

Kendron writes about the maybe logic video of Robert Anton Wilson.

I'm a huge R.A.W. fan and, like Kendron says, I flip back-and-forth between asking myself "wtf?!" and being amazed that Wilson is allowed to continue to write. Then, sometimes in a rare moment of clarity, I'll realize that this is exactly the kind of reaction Wilson wants. It completely underlines his point about reality tunnels and the nature of the world. Maybe.

When I first moved to California and it sunk in that I was now living in the same area as Wilson, I thought that I would surely have the opportunity to see him in person. Then, when I found that I actually knew people (Stefan and Scot) who had significant (past) connections to him, I felt sure that synchronicity was in the air. Alas, not yet, but in the meantime the DVD seems like the next best thing.


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