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Don't Hate Me Because I Use A Macintosh

The other day my automobile was vandalized. Somebody either ineptly tried to steal, or purposefully destroyed, the frame around my front license plate. Luckily, the rest of the vehicle is fine, so I can only conclude that it was something about the frame itself that motivated them.

It's black plastic and says "Apple Computer, Inc." across the top; "Think Different" across the bottom. The bottom part is completely broken off. A photo is below, only the very top edge and right side remain. When I first spotted it I wanted to convince myself that it was an accident -- the frame got caught on a bush or whacked by the car wash machine.

But, alas, no. The bottom of the frame was secured to the car and plate using single-use wirewraps. If the frame was snagged accidentally, not only would I almost certainly have heard it break, but there would be remnant pieces and stress on the plate itself. No, I'm the victim of a Mac-ist hate crime. B*stards.



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