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I'm very pleased with my D-Link Webcam, it's very reliable and easy to setup. I love that it is completely standalone and doesn't require a host computer to publish pictures on the 'net. Now, they've introduced the D-Link DCS-5300W which is very similar to my camera, but includes pan-and-tilt controls. Sweeeeeet.

Thanks to Chuq for the pointer.

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Hi i need help with something, i have a d-link webcam but i llost the cd to program it, now i have a new computer but i cant use the camera without the cd to install it, is their nay other way i can make it work, like download something, well i'll be waiting for your reply thanks


Ralph -- Well, the D-Link camera that I have is programmed using a Web browser. You just type in the IP address of the camera and set the options that you see. If that doesn't work for you, I'd contact D-Link directly and see if they can't help you. It seems very likely that the software you need would be available on their website. Good luck!

Christopher Angel

I have the same camera BUT I can'tr seem to get good streaming like I can with my other wirelss cam. I get very choppy video almost like I'm getting 1 FPS or less! Any ideas?


i have a d-link web cam and i also lost the disk to install it. the problem im haveing is when i log onto my yahoo messanger to use the web cam, everything connects like it should, but the screen stays white. ive tried everything that yahoo tells me to do to fix the problem, but nothing changed. i would like to reinstall the cam, but like i said, i dont have a disk to do it, is there anyway i can reinstall it online without the disk???


I have a D link webcam model netqam fire 350 (DRF 350 C). I couldnt install the driver because the cd said it only support windows 98 and 2000. my OS is windows XP. the seller told me its plug n play in windows xp but that doesn't seem to be in my case. i've got a pccard adapter firewire port and its functioning alright. could this be incompatible with my webcam?


I have D-Link UsbWabc DSB-C100 and it's Downdoad CD , but my PC's Windows XP home adition program does'net accept it.
Is it to download to my PC by your company ?
thanks mag


Folks, please read the original post and the comments.

I'm writing here about the D-Link network camera. It does not need drivers or a computer. I don't mind helping out with the camera that I have, but if you have some other D-Link webcam or whatever you're going to have to visit the companies website and ask your question there. Don't post it here, you're just wasting your own time (and mine).


i have the d-link dsb c-100 web cam and i have the cd and i downloaded the driver for it i run xp but nothing works it wont detected it do u have any way i can get my cam to work for msn thanks

ryan email me back with ur answer


Gordon ,
on the web site from Dlink you will NOT find any kind of help if you loose your original CD. That is the problem wich here all the people have( me included).
So, if you know some way to install Dlink cam WITHOUT original CD especially at WIN XP let us know.

Gordon Meyer

I have two D-Link cameras, and neither require any drivers or CD. You access and set them up completely through a web browser.

In other words, I don't have any software or drivers to share, the whole concept is foreign to my experience with D-Link network cameras.


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